Smits tree nurseries BV

Smits Tree Nurseries

Rimpelaar 49,
5124 RB Molenschot

+31 (0) 161 – 432001

Smits tree nursery Ltd
Dorney Court

Smits tree nursery is a 150ha nursery located in Molenschot (near Breda). We also have a 7ha nursery in Dorney, UK. In the Netherlands we produce hedging plants, hedging elements, topiary trees, Pinus, multi-trunk and block trees in the open ground, on large planting distances.  We also have a 3ha container field where we have set up a mix of multi-trunk plants, topiary plants and Pinus in medium and larger sizes.

At Dorney we have hedge plants mainly in C35L and a small section of multi-stemmed and topiary plants, all in container.

We have weekly shipments to the UK in the grubbing season (September to May) and we can take care of our customers in this regard.